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Want a piece of english

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Because its no point to go out. If you are up for the adventure and think you can handle me, please respond to the ad. I just need a neutral friend.

Name: Candi
Age: 22
City: Fort Defiance, Caledonia
Hair: Redhead
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Cut off a piece of wood 5 cm in length. His trousers were held up with a piece of string.

Would you like a small or a large piece? Chop the potato into bite-sized pieces.

You should eat three pieces of fruit a day. She was wearing a single piece of jewellery. You need to examine every piece of evidence. Robert wrote a short piece on the earthquake.

Bit is more informal than piece and is often used about smaller piecesThe notes were written on bits of paper. He threw a bit of wood onto the fire. The dog was eating scraps of food off the floor.

They found fragments of bone. I felt a drop of rain.