Tirupati Tirumala Darshan / Seva

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Details about Darshan & Seva for Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam

Lakhs and lakhs of Hindus in the world visit the temple of Tirumala to get blessings from Lord Venkateshwara, Lord Narayana, Lord Balaji and Lord Srinivasa. It is said that Tirumala is the only Vaikuntham on this planet.

Millions of people visit the temple everyday to get Darshan of God’s statue. The number is increasing every day. It is estimated that during the allotted time table, around 70000 devotees will seek blessings from by getting Lord’s Darshan.

To accommodate more people so that they can have Lord Tirupati’s Dashan, an autonomous panel, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam, has been set up which is now stretching to the maximum possible.

During the holidays or any kind of special occasions, more people get attracted towards Tirumala. Many wait for more than 48 hours to get the Darshan of Lord Balaji. A lot of arrangements have been made to make things easier such as Sudarshan Token Darshan, Sarva Darshan, E-Darshan, Seva, E-Seva booking and many more.

1. E – Seva:

You have to do advance planning to get lord’s Darshan. You can do advance Tirupati Darshan Online booking at maximum of 90 days and minimum of 3 days in the following website: http://www.ttdsevaonline.com

You can book for only one seva at any point in time for any of the tirupati darshan mentioned below. You can book the tickets through Debit and Credit cards as well.
Darshan / Seva:

  1. Suprabhatam Seva
  2. Thomala Seva
  3. Sahasranama Archanantara
  4. Arjitha Brahmotsavam
  5. Dolotsavam (Unjal Seva)
  6. Kalyanotsavam
  7. Arjita Vasanthotsavam

2. Tickets by Post:

A lot of devotees are there who pre-plan their trip and thus E-book their Tirupati Darshan Tickets. They get their booked tickets delivered at home.

How to obtain E-tickets for Darshan/Seva:

You just need to write your mailing address on a piece of paper, type of Seva/Darsha ticket along with the date of the Seva/Darsha and send that to “The Peishkar Sri Venkateswara Temple”.

After choosing the Seva/Darshan you need to send a Demand Draft in favour of THE EXECUTIVE OFFICER TIRUPATI TIRUMALA DEVASTHANAMS TIRUPATI along with the letter and post it to the address THE PEISHKAR SRI VENKATESWARA TEMPLE TIRUMALA – 517504.

You can plan the trip 90 days ahead of your actual day of visit. The tickets will be delivered to your home, if available. Otherwise, you will get your DD back. Many people do not mention any particular date. They set their preferred date as “Any Available Date”. Hence when the ticket arrives, they plan their journey accordingly.

You can check in for more detail in http://www.tirumala.org/

3. E-Darshan

You can book E-Darshan tickets from various E-Darshan Ticket counters located in a lot of cities in India at the respective TTD Information centers. You have to go to the counter to get the E-Darshan tickets. You will have to submit your photograph and they will take your finger print as well and then give you the ticket according to your choice. During your entry to the sanctum sanctorum in Vaikuntam Q Complex, your photograph and fingerprints will be verified. You can also book for your accommodation.

4. Sarva Darshan

You can have free Darshan of Lord Balaji, which is called Sarva Darshan. The Darshan is available for all. The time you take for the Darshan depends on the crowd ad is available for everyone for 6 to 20 hours.

5. Special Darshan / Quick Darshan / Seeghra Darshan

Seeghra Darshan is now available at Rs. 300. You can purchase the tickets at Vaikuntam Queue Complex-I. The timing for this Darshan is similar to Seva Darshan. More…

6. Sudarshan Tokens:

If you have opt for Sarva Darshan, then you can go for Sudarshan Tokens which are available free of cost at all the T.T.D places specified. You will get a wrist band when you go to the Sudarshan Counters, on which your time for reporting at VAIKUNTAM Q COMPLEX is there. Now you can be in peace and visit other temples in Punniya Theerathams or Tirupati, if you have enough time.

Special Darshan for Physically Disabled And Aged persons

This special darshan is arranged for the disabled and the elderly people, also infants along with parents through a separate gate at the Maha Dwaram,, the entrance to the main temple. If necessary, such pilgrims can be accompanied by an attendant.

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