Lord Balaji Wedding & Mythological Story

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Tirupati, home of Lord Venkateswara has long been the destination for many newly married couples. The temple is believed to have special meaning for newly wedded couples, as it is supposed to be the place where the Lord Venkateswara married Padmavathy.

An interesting story forms the background to the temple. The disputes are not unheard of among the happily married couples and the divine, they are no different. After the squabble with Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi left the heavenly abode and came down to earth. Here she lived in heritage on the banks of the Godavari.

Missing his beloved, Lord Vishnu went to find him and this quest led him to the ground. Finally, his research led him to Seshadri hills where he stopped to rest in an anthill. disappointed about the separation between Vishnu and Lakshmi, Brahma and Shiva agreed to intervene. Taking the form of a cow and a calf, they settled in the place of a Chola king.

The cowherd took them every day to graze in the seshadri hills where the cow would secretly visit the anthill, where Vishnu had lived without food. Empty the milk, the cow would then return to the castle.

The cowherd was angry that cow never gave milk for him. He looked closely at the movement and his explorations took him to the nest. In trying to determine what lies beneath the mound, struck with an axe and thus injured Vishnu’s forehead.

Look for the herbs to heal the wound, Lord Vishnu had to travel far and wide. His wanderings led him to the Shrine of Sri Varahaswamy – the third incarnation of Vishnu as a boar. Here, he asked permission to stay, but Varahaswamy wanted to pay the rent, Vishnu prayed that he was poor now, and the need to rent accommodation. In return for this goodwill gesture, said to tell his devotees to worship the first Varahaswamy who adored him. The contract closed, Vishnu, built in the Hermitage and lived there waiting for a Vakulamata Devi who treated him like a mother. In the district of the reign of King Akasha to close the border. Childless for many years, was one day found a beautiful baby girl asleep golden lotus is a golden box while ploughing the fields. She had named her as Padmavathy. A Padmavathy. Beautiful girl and qualified, Padmavathy was granted a boon to his previous life, that she would be married to Lord Vishnu.

One day, Vishnu, which was renamed Srinivasan her admirer, and to promote the mother Vakuladevi went hunting in the woods. His wanderings took him to the pond. Srinivasan was thirsty and tired. After drinking from the pond, he rested on the shade of a tree. Soon the soft voice that danced Padmavathy the garden attracted him to his companions. He was shocked by her beauty and made her. He also seems to be attractive to him, but the angry attendants thought it was just a crazy hunter drove away.

Depressed and unhappy, he poured out his problems in Vakula devi. Now for the first time he revealed who he really was and also told her story of Padmavathy.

Meanwhile, Srinivasa Padmavathy dreamed of. He had no idea who he really is, and knew that her parents would not let her be married to a hunter.

Srinivasa requested Vakuladevi to approach Padmavathy’s father, Akasha Raja, for marriage proposal. Meanwhile, he disguised himself and went to the Court of sage Akasha Raja. There, Padmavathy assured that the hunter, she was in love was not an ordinary man, but the Lord, and I told him that the concerns would be over soon. Padmavathy too poured everything out his heart to his parents. Around the same time, Vakuladevi came with marriage proposal. After listening to the saints, Akasha Raja accepted the proposal and invited Lord Srinivasa to attend the wedding on Friday, 10 th day of Vaikasi month.

Srinivasa now had arrangements. He requested a loan of one crore 14 lakhs of gold coins from Kuberan and asked Viswakarma the divine architect to create an atmosphere of heaven, in the hills of Seshadri.

The wedding day arrived, Lord Srinivasa was bathed in holy waters and dressed in finery of jewelry suitable for a royal bride groom. So he went in procession to the court of Akasha Raja. He waited Padmavathy radiant in its beauty. Srinivasa was greeted with a Arthi and led to the marriage hall. The Queen and the King washed his feet, while the sage Vasishta chanted Vedic mantras. Soon the marriage was over and it was time to say goodbye to his parents Padmavathy.

Together they have lived for all eternity, when the goddess Lakshmi, the understanding of the commitments of Lord Vishnu, have chosen to live in your heart forever.

Tirupati, is now in a special place to commemorate the marriage of two. Every day, the feast celebrates the divine utsavam Kalyana, that extends into eternity. Even today, the temple during the Brahmotsavam, turmeric, kumkum and a Sari are sent from Tiruchanur temple, home to Lord Padmavathy.

In light of this context, has become the preferred destination of many newly married couples who pray for a happy marriage – a marriage like Lord Srinivasa and Lord Padmavathy.


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