History of Tirupati Tirumala Temple

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A brief background detail of Tirupati Tirumala Venkateswara Temple

Tirumala Balaji temple has been around for centuries and maybe more. Tirumala is a shrine amongst the 108 other of Sri Vaishanava tradition. Earliest literature of Tamil Nadu (500 B.C to 300 A.D), mentions this temple present on the northern borders of the state.

All famous kings like Pandya, Chola, and the Pallava Empire worshipped Lord Venkateswara and offered rich gifts to the temple during their reigns during the Vijayanagar dynasty. The figurines of the famous Krishna Devaraya and his partners were placed during his reign and are seen present as it is.

With the fall of the dynasty Raghoji Bhonsle, was responsible for regular worships in the temple by setting up a donation area. His greatest donation is an emerald to the goddess that ahs been preserved even now. Eventually the Hindu kingdoms declined, British took over all the temples eventually.

In 1843 the East India Company striped itself of the direct management of non-Christian places the power to manage non Christiana places of devotion, the management of this Temple of Lord Venkateswara was handed over to Sri Seva Dossji at Tirumala known as Vichranakarta for 100 years, till in 1933 the mahants became the in charge of this holy place.

In 1933 the Madras Legislature passed an act, a committee for the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams was set up with administrative powers of all kinds and a commissioner was elected by the government itself. This board was helped by an Advisory Council that was religious in nature and considered every such matter and a Ryots Council that was set up for managing and handling the estates of this holy place.

Now, Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (T.T. D) has 12 temples to maintain and the sub temples are a group of temples under the part 2 of act20 since 1987. The Andhra Pradesh government enacted this act. A Board of Trustees manages everything and was set up by the state government; Executive Officer is the chief who handles the administration. He has 2 Joint Executive Officers to help him, besides a Financial Advisor as well as a Chief Accounts Officer, Security Officer, Deputy Executive Officers with Chief Engineer for all other work. Besides this there are officers for Law, Public Relations, Educational, Welfare, Marketing and the like to handle all possible parts of the entire management.

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